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  1. Hi Jim,
    It was great seeing you and your family this summer in Ottawa. I hope to see everyone again soon.
    Warmest regards,

  2. No one in my life is more entitled to the designation of ‘Defining Person’ than Jim Blackley. I began my drum lessons with Jim at 14 years of age and I was already an ‘At Risk’ youth. Jim was more a real father than my own and he got me back on track as only he could at the time.

    As a drum instructor he guided me into musical awareness I not only didn’t have at the time but hardly knew existed. He forged my technique into something of precision and power – a technique so well timed that even after over half a century of working my way to ‘Powerhouse’ status I still have no injuries from playing drums.

    What I owe Jim Blackley as a man and as an instructor is beyond measure. And I have yet to speak of him to any friend about how much he means to me without tearing up.

    Thank you Jim…God love you. I know you know that I certainly do.

    Duris Maxwell

  3. Words cannot express my love for you, Jim. My life would have been much different without you and your family in it. I love watching your grandchildren grow up and cherish every moment I get to spend with you. Let me know when you want some of those fish and chips and I’ll sneak them in for us without Kaja noticing 😀
    Much love,

  4. Congratulations on your web site Jim! Great to see that your still keeping active. It was an honor being one of your students in Toronto in the late 70’s.
    Your teachings continue to nourish genration after generation.
    All the best in health and life.
    Trevor Salloum

  5. First of all I wish to thank-you for the most valuable lessons in music & life. I had studied with you for two years (early 1980’s) while you were in Toronto. Congratulations on your very well deserved Achievement Award. I continue to play (part time basis) and always think of you and how you taught me to really listen to the music. I currently work as an analytical microscopist at the University of Guelph on a full time basis.
    I am very sorry to hear about your son Keith.
    Take Care,
    Mike Favrin.

  6. Sometimes we do what we have to do, is to try to remember every moment we spent with Jim, it is like having another lesson. I would be back in the studio if I had not had to sell everything musically I own to provide (and I don’t regret) can always get more, I do have drumsticks, drum pad, 1 cymbal. This is enough for me to keep it alive. I love drumming and I barely (2 years) tapped into to Jim, sad for me. If I had of known Jim in 35 years ago, my life would be have been dedicated to, God first, then to studying with Jim. To all of you younger ones starting out, do not take any second of your time with Jim for granted. Do not, do not ever question his decisions with his approach. He is continually looking at you and listening and knows how to massage your talent. He is the “Potter” and we are the “Clay”

  7. The best teacher I had. 1960 on 4th
    ave. Vancouver. Still have my Gretsch drums.
    Thank you Jim

  8. Jim, I am so pleased to have read today about your amazing career. I only studied with you for a short while,in Vancouver, B.C.when I was about 17, but am so grateful for what I learned. Gary O’Bray referred me to you long ago. I spoke for a while today with Gary and thanked him for referring me during a difficult time in my life. I also wanted to say thanks for your patience and for sharing your love of music and drumming with me. I am 73 now, but have not forgotten your grace. Regards,

    Lynn Kenneth Pecknold, Artist/Art Educator, Port Alberni, B.C.

  9. In 1965 I was a 15 year old boy from Kelowna BC and driving down Broadway in Vancouver with my Dad on our way to UBC to attend a horticultural class when I spotted Jim Blackley’s Drum Village. I almost broke my neck turning to look and pleaded with my Dad to stop which we did on the way back from the class. I was just beginning my romance with the drums and had been “borrowing” a set from my high school to practice on, so entering a store that only sold drums was as if I had gone to heaven. You were behind a large glass window in your sound proof studio practicing triplet forms on a little Gretch set and to make a long story short my Dad signed for a bank loan and you shipped that gold set out to Kelowna for me. You were so kind and non condescending to me and although I only spent seven years of my life on the road as a musician, the rest of my life has been in the horticultural industry following my dads footsteps, I have continued to play drum in several genres and continue to do so on a casual basis. So pleased to see your site and am so proud to have a connection with you. Take care.- Don Burnett Kelowna BC

  10. Jim, I studied with you for an unforgettable 10 months during my studies at York with John Gittens in the late 70’s, et al. I’ve been a teacher since 81, in Nigeria, Nunavut, and now Ontario. I’ve never left the drums, have played as often as I practically can with my life as a full time teacher, father, and now granfather, …and never forgotten the discipline you modeled for me, nor the skills acquired memorizing your jazz lines at 40 on the metronome! I hope I have the chance to see you again sometime, perhaps to study with you again. I will save my pennies to purchase your newer books! All the best, Paul. (you said I was too much head and not enough heart. I hope I’ve achieved more balance since we last met!)

  11. Jim, it’s so nice to find this page to say hi. I studied at the Drum Village in Vancouver in the 60’s starting with Gary Taylor and then Al Wiertz and then you for a brief time.You told me to join the union (AFM 145) and start gigging which I did. I was only 16 but loved playing weekend pick up gigs around town. Good times and memories. Stay well.

    Gary in Nanaimo, BC

  12. Happy 90th Birthday Jim!!
    What an incredible milestone!
    It’s been an honour and pleasure to be studying with a true master like yourself 🙂
    Wishing you and your family health, joy, and peace for years to come.
    Very Best!

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